We Are Not A Gym

Did you know that less than half of the people that sign up for a gym membership actually attend? Most gyms know this and will oversell memberships. These are big concerns to us, knowing this happens. We WILL change this Why would people not attend? -Are you not sure what to do? -Intimidated? -Actually want…

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Ketones and Ketosis: What is it?

The Ketone Experiment……   For the past 12 weeks I’ve been using an exogenous Ketone supplement and we’ve since added it to our shelves at Fit Clinic. There’s only a few supplements I take and would recommend for most people. Creatine, protein (for some), amino acids, caffeine (moderately), probiotics and a select number of vitamins…

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Track your pregnancy body in 3D then get your body back!

Are you pregnant and want a better way to track your body changes over time? You may think that our Fit3D scanner is only used for tracking full body measurements, fat % and muscle mass; well it is, BUT it’s not the only thing! The Fit3D scanner is a great tool for us to track…

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Diet Soft Drinks – Are they better or WORSE?

Why you should ditch the diet soft drink for good 1. They still expand your waistline Daily users of diet soft drinks gain centimetres of belly fat, sometimes more than those drinking other beverages. If you thought diet soft drink was a healthy alternative to the regular, sugar-laden stuff, it might be time to reconsider. A 10-year study…

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vegetarian diet

Understanding the Benefits of Vegetarian Diets

A plant-based diet — good for us and for the planet The current world food system is inequitable and unsustainable, and is creating huge and costly health problems. Of the seven billion people in the world, 1.5 billion are overweight or obese while almost a billion go to bed hungry each night. Climate change will…

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