Barefoot Children Are Smarter

Schoolchildren with no shoes on ‘do better and behave better in the classroom’, research shows… A decade-long study reveals that heading into the classroom sans shoes could also be one of the keys to a good education. Researchers at the University of Bournemouth followed children in over 100 schools in 25 different countries for the…

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Barefoot is Best: Reasons To Go Barefoot (Be The Weirdo)

  “Be the weirdo” – Ido Portal   Many people today wear shoes their entire life. From the moment you went outside to play as a child, you wore shoes to be safe. At school you may have worn the heavy, hard soled leather shoes; at a time the foot was going through a highly adaptive…

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Which Running Shoes Should I Get?

  So you’ve been recommended a pair of the shiniest, most expensive shoes with the promise that they will fix your running ‘problems’. Perhaps not. The stats are not in your favour. Because, despite the shiny colours and additions of gels, foams, air pockets, and arch supports, the injury rate virtually identical to that of 30 years…

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